Do you have investors?

How long do I need to lend for?

Deposits can be withdrawn instantly at anytime.

What do the precentages on Lulo represent?

Lulo provides real-time and historical APY.

Do I accumulate points while deposited into Kamino, MarginFi, Solend, etc. via Lulo?

Yes you accumulate the same amount of points as a direct deposit into those dApps.

Where do points accumulate to? I dont see them on the Kamino/MarginFi dashboard.

Each user is given a unique Lulo Account which acts as the address depositing into the dApps integrated by Lulo. As a result, it is this account that accrues rewards. These rewards can be accessed directly in the Lulo app.

How will I claim airdrops?

Lulo will make any airdrops given to Lulo Accounts available to claim in the UI.

How much more can I earn with Lulo?

This depends on the time period, but given the dynamic nature of DeFi, Lulo lenders can earn significantly more than from being deposited into a single dApp.

My funds are not at the highest rate! Is there an issue?

Most likely, funds have simply not yet moved. Lulo moves funds a maximum of once per hour for every user. Otherwise, gas costs could eat away at any potential gains. If your deposits are stuck for more than an hour, please open a ticket on our Discord.

Are you audited?

Yes! See Audits

How often does Lulo move funds to find better rates?

Every hour.

Are there any fees for using Lulo?

A one time 0.025 SOL fee to create your Lulo account.

Is there a Lulo token?


Will you add [xyz] protocol?

If you wish to see a new protocol added, please reach out to us in the Telegram chat.

Will you support other use cases? I.e. Borrowing, swaps?

If you wish to see any other use cases supported, please reach out to use in the Telegram chat.

How do I check my MarginFi points?

MarginFi does not have a publicly accessible API for their points, therefore its a little more involved to check your points accrued to your Lulo address.

  1. Download Sherlock Wallet (or any similar wallet inspection tool)

  2. Go to Rewards on the Lulo app and copy paste your Lulo address

  1. Navigate to MarginFi and connect with Sherlock Wallet

  2. Sherlock will prompt you to enter an address you want to inspect, copy your Lulo address from step (2) and approve

  1. You should now be able to view your points in the MarginFi Points section of their Wallet widget

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