DeFi has risks you should be aware of

DeFi is a novel technology with promising UX and performance. However, it has risks that must be understood in order to make proper decisions about its use.

Lulo Risks

Lulo uses a smart contract to route funds across integrated solana dApps. If a hack were to occur, this could pose a risk to user funds.

Lulo is designed to minimize the need for user deposits to sit in Lulo smart contracts. Most deposits and movements are done directly with integrated dApps. This reduces the attack surface and risk of Lulo smart contracts.

Integrated dApp Risks

Lulo deposits ultimately sit with integrated dApps. If any of these dApps were to be hacked or compromised, there could be a loss of user funds.

Lulo monitors and attempts to safeguard against possible compromises on all the dApps we integrate. However, there is no guarantee Lulo will be able to save or recover user funds if an exploit were to occur on an integrated dApp. All the dApps we integrate are open source, audited, and backed by reputable teams and investors.

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