How does it work?

Lulo automatically routes deposits to the highest rate.

Lulo orchestrates user funds in order to maximize interest. There are three main actions Lulo cant take: deposit, move, and withdraw. Lulo has been designed to minimize any need for user funds to sit in Lulo smart contracts.

Create a deposit

Deposits into Lulo are automatically routed to the highest rate available at the time. Money flows directly from the user's wallet to the chosen dApp, it does not need to be deposited into Lulo.

Smart Routing

Putting all your funds in the same dApp is not always the best choice. As more deposits flow into a dApp, the interest rates go down. If you put too much money at once into a single dApp, you end up working against yourself and not earning the best rate.

With Routing, Lulo splits your balance across multiple dApps in order to minimize the negative impact your funds have on rates. This means you earn even more. From there, Lulo will rebalance every hour to keep your in the most optimal allocation. By utilizing several dApps at once you maximize your rates and lower your exposure to a single dApp.

Moving deposits

Periodically, Lulo will check to see what rates are available on the Solana network and move user deposits if a higher rate is available. Lulo automatically withdraws from the existing dApp and deposits into the new dApp, no user intervention is required.

Withdraw to your wallet

A withdraw can be initiated by the original depositor. Only the original wallet that was used to create the deposit can receive the withdrawn funds. Lulo initiates a direct withdraw from the dApp holding the funds to the user wallet, it does not hold funds itself in between.

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