⬆️Points Lift

Double your points

Points Lift allows users to exchange the interest they would normally earn in exchange for double the points. Currently, Points Lift only works for Kamino deposits.

Rewards are a large motivator for DeFi users. Often, users resort to leverage and "looping" in order to increase the amount of rewards they are accumulating. Looping introduces risk of liquidation and can incur unexpected costs to users. Points Lift allows users to gain more points without looping.

Users interested in earning double interest should reach out to the team on Discord or Telegram. Double interest has higher deposit minimums and is available on a limited basis.


Lulo automatically matches users interested in doubling their points with users interested in maximizing their interest. The deposit power of both users is combined to earn double the interest and rewards.


Users can withdraw at any time and collect their initial deposit and rewards. Lulo automatically splits the earned interest and points between the two counterparties. Users doubling their points will earn no interest!

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